There’s actually stuff to do in Kingman

This month, I wrote about regional museums for Desert Companion. During my visit to the Powerhouse Route 66 Museum, I realized that a.) the Route 66 Museum is pretty cool and b.) there’s actually stuff to do in Kingman, Arizona.

People are always recommending excursions to me, both within the city limits of Las Vegas and in the broader region. However, I’m surprised that Kingman isn’t mentioned more often. There’s certainly enough to do in this northern Arizona town to fill a day.

As I drove into town, one of the first noteworthy spots I noticed was the Mohave Museum of History and Arts. This museum focuses on the history of northwestern Arizona and includes exhibits on a variety of subjects, from mining and ranching to pottery and baskets. Admission includes three area attractions: the Mohave Museum, the Route 66 Museum, and the Bonelli House. (At one point in the city’s history, the Bonelli House held the town’s only clock!)

Not far from the Mohave Museum, the Powerhouse Route 66 Museum traces the history of the famous thoroughfare. (You can read more about this local attraction in the Desert Companion article.) Across the street, visitors will find Locomotive Park, where train enthusiasts can check out a Santa Fe train and plenty of shade trees. Further train-themed fun can be found at the Kingman Train Museum, located in the historic depot and operated by the Whistle Stop Railroad Club.

I love these hidden gems, the underdogs of the travel world. Not only do they help preserve local history, but they provide affordable fun for those seeking an educational excursion. And to be honest, they are an interesting contrast to larger-than-life Las Vegas.

Kingman offers enough entertainment to make it worth a visit for history-loving Las Vegans. Consider a stop on your journey from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon or Phoenix.

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Happy trails!

2 thoughts on “There’s actually stuff to do in Kingman

  1. And for lodging I’d strongly recommend the El Trovatore. The owners, Sam and Monica, are quite nice and hospitable. For good road trip eats a stop at Mr. D’z across from the Powerhouse is a great place. And as another heads up: The 2014 Route 66 festival will be held in Kingman in mid-August. Definitely something worth looking into and checking out next year.

    1. Yes, we ate at D’z and I included a mention of it in the DC article. It’s a fun place. We sat up at the counter, which my daughter thought was super cool.

      Thanks for the heads up about the Route 66 festival next year!

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