A look at “Warhol Out West”

I’ll admit it: sometimes my grand plans don’t quite pan out. One time, when we lived in Texas, I thought it would be totally awesome to tour some historic one-room schoolhouses with my three-year-old child. Yep. I actually expected that to be a fun outing. (The schoolhouses were very interesting to me at least, so I guess I was half right.) More recently, I had the bright idea of visiting the National Atomic Testing Museum with my daughter (now six years old). Needless to say, she was bored out of her mind.

However, we did have a very successful outing recently. In fact, on this occasion, my expectations were exceeded. Not only did all parties involved enjoy themselves, but I think we learned something along the way. My daughter and I both loved Warhol Out West at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

Complete with an insightful audio tour, the gallery space has been transformed into a fascinating look at the artist’s work. Warhol Out West includes pieces in a variety of media, from the well-known Silver Clouds to brightly colored wallpaper to his famous prints of celebrities. The exhibition is a great starting point for those wanting to discover Warhol’s work. Providing a nice summary without becoming long-winded, Warhol Out West is one of those great Las Vegas attractions that helps defy the city’s stereotype. It’s proof that Las Vegas is more than gambling and overpriced drinks.

As much as I loved exploring the gallery space, it was my daughter who didn’t want to leave once we’d gazed at each artwork and listened to every entry in the handheld audio tour.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Andy Warhol really is a great place to start when discovering art history with kids. Bright and bold with approachable subject matter, Warhol can help kids learn that art doesn’t have to be pretentious and incomprehensible.

We had fun, and we learned something (several things, actually). See? Every now and then I get it right. Thanks, Mr. Warhol. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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