Unexpected Archaeology: The Lost City Museum (excerpt and link)

Last week was a mess at our house. Sleepless nights with a sick kid meant that by the time the weekend rolled around, I was determined to sit at home and do absolutely nothing.

As it turned out, we got bored with doing nothing pretty quickly. By Saturday afternoon I was getting antsy, and by that evening I had decided we’d be going on a short road trip the next day.

The Lost City Museum is located in Overton, Nevada, not too far from Valley of Fire. Normally my daughter wouldn’t be too excited about a small museum, but when I explained that the museum focused on the Anasazi, the same people who had made the petroglyphs at Valley of Fire long ago, she perked up. Valley of Fire is one of E.’s favorite places to visit, so the connection was enough to make her curious.

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