Why NOW is the perfect time to travel

Oh, autumn. Filled with cool breezes, playoff baseball, and Halloween fun, it is also a great season for travel. Sure, people often overlook this time of year in favor of summer, but real travelers know that October is the perfect month to hit the road.

Fall travel means that most destinations are less crowded. The kids are back in school, so many families are staying close to home. That beautiful state park or gorgeous beach you’ve been drooling over is going to be even more exquisite when you don’t feel like you’re being smothered by a barrage of fellow tourists. Plus, prices tend to be lower during the off-season when there are fewer travelers, making fall an ideal time to find great deals on hotels and flights.

Another advantage of traveling now is that fall offers near-perfect weather. After battling those insanely high Las Vegas temperatures all summer, it’s time to venture outdoors again. The cooler weather makes this a great season for a road trip to Valley of Fire, a camping trip near Sedona, or a staycation at one of the many resorts here in town.

Let’s not forget the biggest advantage of traveling at this time of year: the star of the show at the end of October. Why not plan a Halloween-themed getaway? Over-the-top costume parties and fall festivals just aren’t available year-round. Now is the time!

Although summer seems to get all the credit when it comes to embarking on an adventure, it turns out that fall is the perfect time to escape. Start planning before it’s too late.

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