State animal of Nevada is easy to find in Boulder City

hemenway park, boulder city
Hemenway Park, Boulder City, NV. Image by Sarah Vernetti

The big horn sheep, the state animal of Nevada, is easy to find if you know where to look. Although the herd has been battling pneumonia this fall, they still gather at Hemenway Park in Boulder City. The park is located on Ville Dr., not far from Highway 93.

big horn sheep right by the front of hemenway park
Two big horn sheep near the parking area. Image by Sarah Vernetti

On the day we visited, we saw two big horn sheep standing right by the parking area. We then walked past the playground and basketball court to see a herd of about 20 animals sitting in the shade of a large tree. While some of them froze and stared at us when we (slowly!) approached, others nibbled on grass. Two animals kept butting their heads together, their horns making a thumping sound that certainly got our attention.

watching the big horn sheep
This is the closest we got to the herd. Image by Sarah Vernetti

The big horn sheep at Hemenway Park appear to be accustomed to people. We approached the group with caution, and they didn’t seem startled. However, they did eventually move away to the further side of the park, so I think they like to maintain a comfortable distance from people.

In addition to being a great place to see big horn sheep, Hemenway Park also offers pretty views of Lake Mead.

view of lake mead from hemenway park in boulder city, NV
Lake Mead as seen from Hemenway Park. Image by Sarah Vernetti

If you visit, remember that the sheep may seem tame, but they are wild animals. Do not get too close. Also, it should be noted that dogs, even if leashed, are not permitted in the park. I presume this is to help keep the big horn sheep at ease.

Hemenway Park is located at:

401 Ville Dr.. Boulder City, NV


One thought on “State animal of Nevada is easy to find in Boulder City

  1. Those sheep are just so interesting and fun to watch. We went out there earlier in the year and spent time at the park. At one point they were no more than five feet away from us. Still, we kept our distance and did our best to not invade their space. Sad to read they’re battling illness though. I hope the herd gets better soon.

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