Finding a waterfall (and a creek) along the Lost Creek Trail

Pay your daily use fee (or whip out that national parks annual pass) and make your way onto Red Rock Canyon’s scenic loop drive. About 3/4 of the way around the circle, you’ll find a road leading off the main loop. Take a right and follow this road to the first little parking area on the left. You’ve found the trailhead for the Children’s Discovery/Lost Creek Trail.

(But don’t take my word for it. Grab a map on your way into the park. Otherwise, if you miss your turn, you’ll need to go around the horn again, since the scenic loop is a one-way street. Trust me. I know from experience.)

“wilderness” | Image by Sarah Vernetti

The Lost Creek trail is categorized as “easy – moderate,” which seems appropriate. It isn’t particularly long, but you will have to navigate a fairly rocky pathway to reach the small waterfall. Although “waterfall season” ends in early spring, we were able to see a trickle of water when we visited in mid-April. Even if you don’t find a torrent of water, it is still a lovely little spot with shade (What?) and trees (You’re kidding!).

The other highlight of the hike, besides the creek, is the presence of several varieties of wildflowers that grow here in spring, especially the bright orange Desert Globemallow.

This trail goes through a wash, so if it has rained recently or if rain is in the forecast, use caution.

For more information: Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association

desert wildflowers
Wildflowers and mountains at Red Rock Canyon | Image by Sarah Vernetti
tiny waterfall
A tiny waterfall in mid-April | Image by Sarah Vernetti
Along the trail | Image by Sarah Vernetti

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