Journal: New Things

I’m trying something new. I am *deep breath* submitting my fiction and creative non-fiction to publications. *dramatic pause*

Now, if you’re thinking that doesn’t sound like a big deal since A.) I’m a writer and B.) My writing has been published before, let me clue you in.

I’m of the opinion that fiction writing, when done publicly, is like allowing your skull to be pried open and your thoughts examined.

That’s not to say that there is always truth in fiction. However, I do think there is something very personal about fiction writing. Although I’m certainly not an expert when it comes to crafting short stories, I do read a lot, and I think that good fiction taps into a part of the writer’s personality that doesn’t necessarily come across at PTA meetings and networking events.

So, wish me luck on this venture, as I attempt to be brave and expand my writing repertoire. I already received my first rejection, so things are going swimmingly.

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