An evening nature walk at Hualapai Canyon Trail

We were heading east on Alta Dr. in Las Vegas this past weekend, when I saw a sign pointing north that said “Hualapai Canyon Trail.” I had driven down this route many times, but had never noticed the sign before, nor had I heard of this particular trail. Later that evening, I suggested that our family take an evening stroll.

View from the Hualapai Canyon Trail
The view from Hualapai Canyon Trail, Las Vegas | Image by Sarah Vernetti

Hualapai Canyon Trail makes a fairly small loop–less than one mile–but it is a pleasant place for a walk, jog, or scooter ride (if your kids are into that sort of thing). The trail is nice and wide, and both sides are lined with interesting desert plants. Despite the fact that this trail is located in the middle of the suburbs, we saw plenty of wildlife along the way. We spotted at least 5-6 rabbits, a mouse, a few lizards, and a bunch of birds flying around overhead looking for dinner. We walked right at dusk, which is probably a good time to see the critters when they come out after hiding from the desert heat all day.

This isn’t a hardcore hiking trail like you would find at Red Rock Canyon. However, it is great for an evening stroll or a quick jog when you’re short on time.

The Hualapai Canyon Trailhead is located on Hualapai Way, just north of Alta in Summerlin.

yellow flower, purple cactus
A colorful find along the trail | Image by Sarah Vernetti
Dusk is a beautiful time for a walk | Image by Sarah Vernetti
Near the beginning of the loop trail| Image by Sarah Vernetti

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