Recent Twitter-Sized Fiction: Nanoism, 7×20, and Cuento

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with very, very, very short fiction, stories so succinct that they conform to Twitter’s 140-character limit. I like the challenge of squeezing as much story as possible into a small space. Plus, it’s kind of freeing to know that if a story doesn’t work out or gets rejected it will be easier to move on and try again. For me, bidding a fond farewell to a failed story and accepting that it is destined to be nothing more than a file on my computer is easier when the story is Twitter-sized.

Another advantage to writing super-short fiction is that the entire process moves along faster. With many Twitter-fiction publications, the response time is very reasonable, and the time from acceptance to publication is days or weeks rather than months. Twitter-fiction is great for those of us who hate waiting.

In recent weeks, my Twitter-fiction has appeared at Nanoism, 7×20, and Cuento.

I’m excited about my story at Nanoism (#628), since it took me a few attempts to get an acceptance there. You really should take a look at their archives. You’ll find some great stories. I’m honored to have my flash fiction in such good company.

You’ll also find my stories at 7×20 and Cuento, two places that have been kind enough to publish my work in the past. Here are two recent examples:

For a more thorough round-up of my super-short, Twitter-sized fiction, stop by my portfolio.

Happy writing, everyone!

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