Hiking to the Top of Exploration Peak

Exploration Peak, Las Vegas
The view from Exploration Peak, Las Vegas | Image by Sarah Vernetti

Even though I’ve lived in Las Vegas for almost four years, I’m still so fascinated by its sweeping vistas. Thanks to the rather stark desert landscape, catching a glimpse of the Strip from miles away isn’t uncommon.

One of the great views of the Las Vegas Valley can be found at Exploration Peak Park, located in a suburban area along Buffalo Drive, just south of Blue Diamond Road. In addition to a large playground with unique Western-themed play structures and a splash pad, Exploration Peak Park also offers a short trail that takes visitors to the top of–you guessed it–Exploration Peak. From here, the views of the valley are impressive; you’ll see everything from suburban neighborhoods to desert to mountain ranges to the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

Exploration Peak Park, Las Vegas
Looking down on Exploration Park | Image by Sarah Vernetti

The trail is unpaved and fairly steep, so watch your footing as you hike. Once you reach the top, you’ll find a nice observation patio from which to enjoy the views.

Exploration Peak trail, Las Vegas
The trail | Image by Sarah Vernetti

Even though this trail won’t take you far from civilization, the typical desert-hiking rules apply: bring plenty of drinking water, wear sunscreen, and be sure you’ve looked at a map or have your phone handy in case you get lost.

Exploration Peak Park is located at 9700 S. Buffalo Dr.

Exploration Peak, Las Vegas
Watch your step | Image by Sarah Vernetti

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